Drowning in fake news on Syria

We are witnessing an unprecedented level of fake news and propaganda regarding the war on Syria.1 The level and pitch of fake stories has increased as the Syrian army overruns the rebels occupying East Aleppo. This likely reflects last ditch attempts from the rebels (and their State supporters) of eliciting the protection of the “international community” through shocking it into action.

It is obvious Western media is biased in this regard, unquestioningly repeating those and similar claims and disregarding reports from Syrian and Russian officials, even dismissing those as propaganda.2

The awareness of the production and propagation of fake news has grown from small Twitter circles of informed analysts and reporters, some on the ground in Syria and others in contact with those who are, tirelessly combating the wave of exaggerations, falsehoods and outright lies. Now many fakes are quickly shown to be false, like this image with the hashtag “Save_Aleppo” taken from a Lebanese music video.3

Several articles and analyses have recently been published on the unprecedented level of fake news and propaganda regarding the war on Syria.

This interview with independent Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett is a must watch. Bartlett exposes some of the lies regarding reporting from Syria.4

Over at Moon of Alabama, B posted an article entitled “Syria – Killing Journos Enabled ‘Media Activist’ Domination – Intended Effect?”5 The article presents a good explanation on how unconventional warfare may be responsible for the elimination of journalists in Syria, and hence shapes the narrative by relying upon reporting from “activists,” such as the regularly cited Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (based in the UK).

“If one intends to give a maximum effect to the propaganda output of ones proxies in an Information Warfare operation, it makes great sense to eliminate all other potential sources of information from the wider warzone.”

B builds on Club des Cordeliers recent argument that “…there is nothing random or organic about online propaganda produced by Syrian ‘activists.’”6

Both B’s and Club des Cordeliers’ articles are worth reading.

If you have any doubt the West is behind this unprecedented level of fake news and propaganda, this article should convince you it is entirely possible: U.S. paid P.R. firm $540 million to make fake al-Qaida videos in Iraq propaganda program.

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  2. For more examples see http://thefreethoughtproject.com/10-aleppo-syrian-media-lies/
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